Port Hawksbury Civic Centre

Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia

Port Hawkesbury

“It’s like a ‘plug-and-play’ system; it couldn’t be any simpler.”
Gordon Snook, Rink Operator

Building Size: 72, 000 Sq. Ft.
Owner(s): Town of Port Hawkesbury
Number of Kubes: 8
Size of Kube(s): 12 Tons
Energy Medium: Horizontal Geothermal Ground Loop
Function: Heating & Cooling
Cooling Distribution: Ice slab refrigeration
Heating Distribution: Entire building, swimming pool, outdoor sidewalks, and domestic and flood water
Energy Savings: 40 - 45%
Unique Details: Dual function of ice making and heating the pool next door
Project Completion: 2004
Expected Changes Future: Arena lighting change from MH 1000W to 400W Induction

The Port Hawkesbury Civic Centre is a new state of the art facility serving residents, tourists, and the business community of Port Hawkesbury, Nova Scotia. The Centre utilizes green building design and construction innovations to make it both efficient and easier on the environment and its users.

The arena is equipped with the Kube Solutions System, providing an energy efficient geothermal chiller that incorporates cold storage in the rink slab. The heat generated during the ice-making process is recovered and used throughout the facility as radiant heating. A site-specific pipe layout design optimizes the efficiency of mechanical pumping, reducing the needs from 20-30 hp to 3 hp. The modular design of the distributor heat pump network system allows adaptation to variable energy needs, thereby reducing part-load inefficiencies.

The ice-making processes for the skating rink generates heat that is recycled through a thermal exchanger, providing radiant heat inside the arena. This exchanger currently diverts excess heat to the geothermal storage under the adjacent parking lot and is reused to heat a local swimming pool next door to the Civic Centre.

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