Chiller Cube

The Chiller Kube operates at a much higher temperature and includes features that surpass regular chiller systems found in today’s industry. It has a design range from 7 1/2 ton up to a 30 ton capacity. The advantages of a Chiller Kube, when compared to a 200 ton industry chiller, include:

  • The ability to capture energy from chilling that can be used in free process and free space conditioning.
  • Operational savings, including lower electrical demand, as the modular design allows the operator to control the number of units needed during load fluctuations.
  • Overall lower power consumption.
  • Less installation space required than industry standard chillers.
  • The modular design makes it simple for future expansion - just add another Kube at low cost. When compared to adding another 200 ton unit, high capital costs and redesign might not be feasible.
  • Less service start-up costs and annual maintenance expenses as the Chiller Kube system is a simple solution that owners can easily operate through remote desktop software.
  • Minimal repairs, as the Chiller Kube has very few moving parts when compared with larger chiller systems. If a Kube does need repair, simply turn on another Kube. If a 200 ton system needs repair, the entire system is shut down.
  • An engineering department that is available to the mechanical design team to assist in the chiller design of any facility.