Sustainability and LEED

Sustainability has been defined as “the ability to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability for future generations to meet their own needs.” The cost of fossil fuels is rising because gas and oil are becoming more scarce and expensive to find. We must ask ourselves how long we can keep doing what we’re doing before we run out of energy resources.

GeoExchange systems (also known as geothermal systems, ground source heat pumps, earth energy systems) make use of the renewable energy that’s stored in the ground, and it’s available anywhere on earth.

Kube Solutions manufactures heat pumps to make hot and chilled water and, in specialized applications, to make ice in hockey and curling rinks or in the thermal ice storage tanks. The heat pumps are designed for use in integrated systems to provide cooling in one area and to use the heat produced in the cooling process in another area of the building or in an adjacent building. If the hot or chilled water can’t be used directly, it is used to heat or cool thermal mass, so a portion of the heating or cooling energy can be used when it is needed later.

Kube Solutions’ integrated systems use 60-80% less energy than conventional systems.

The triple bottom line (economics, environment and social justice) is addressed when:

  • Companies and associations need to purchase less energy
  • Fewer greenhouse gases are released into the air
  • More consumers have access to better facilities and/or healthier indoor environments

  • Kube Solutions can help your project become more sustainable.