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Kube Unit

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Heating and Cooling Series
Ice Rink Series
Domestic Hot Water Series

Our design supports our mission - to provide a dependable and simply designed unit that is both economical and cost effective.  Kube Solutions heat pumps require little service and can easily be adapted to your system. Our engineers work with your design team in integrating the system for maximum efficiency. And because our units are controlled by remote desktop software, it doesn’t require a licensed or specialized operator. But when you need help, Kube Solutions is there to provide service and technical support.

Simultaneous heating and cooling
with no reversing valve allows you to supply heating to areas of a building while cooling others.

All components are “off the shelf”
and are readily available at most local suppliers.

Decreased overall maintenance
can result in as much as 60% to 80% savings when compared to conventional systems.

Modular design
i.  isolates possible refrigerant leaks utilizing multiple individual refrigeration circuits that minimize potential environmental impact,
ii. decreases mechanical room footprint.

Scalable design
makes adding units to meet future load requirements simple.

Pre-Mounted /Pre-Piped Headers
with circulation pumps on stands decrease on-site labour.

C.O.P’s up to 4.0 base
on ARI/ISO 13256-2 standards.

*Patented technology